Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Phone And I


Here are my personal review after using this phone since 17 07 2010
Software installed:
Garmin Mobile XT
Nokia OVI Map (Its free now plus it had own voice navigation System)
GPSED - Used for tracking my path

Comment: Satisfied a little. N97 GPS Suck! 20 Meters lag. Can you imagine if your in town and lost?

MobFuel: budget my expenses for fuel.
FB Plug-in: Add in for Nokia Share.
Facebook: A must to kill time if gravity is down. More GUI more battery. :(
Photo Browser: An I-phone photo browser look-a-like.
Quickmark: Barcode reader same as Nokia Point and Find but a much lighter.
M.Guard: Mobile antivirus by Netqin
GetJar: Find a suitable jar for me
Battery Extender: Give my battery life support.
iOn Battery: Give me analisys about my battery
Pocket Sensor: Handled in pocket exception. Used proximity sensor, so it does not drain my battery as much as leveling sensor.
putty: Mobile putty for SE Team.
Green Charge: some app to prevent overcharge and kill the battery
Black Baller: Got numbers that bug me a lot? well bug me no more.
Network Accelerator: A good app to accelerate monile packet data. especially here at Kajang.
Gravity:  Facebook, Twitter and google reader in one app. also come with widget that will display all the update from twitter. Nice app.
Snaptu: All in one reader. google reader better then gravity. Provide pics. I Loike!
Menstral: Not for me, for her. For me to budget whether it's a right time or else.

You can search all the software above for free or will cost you some money. 


-rj- said...

tampoon tak pki ke?

k0m4nd3r said...

apasal? lu pakai tampoon ke? Wa takde.. Hahahaha

-rj- said...

alang2 lu da ade menstral tue, lu pki la tampoon skali..

Fakeh said...

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k0m4nd3r said...

rj: apa kaitan menstral dgn tampoon? Wa tatau.. mestral is only tools to determine tarikh je la.. apekene mengena degnan tampoon? lu pakai eh?