Tuesday, August 10, 2010


What tekken? Truth to say, I only see asses and boobs. Fight scene? Hmpph! A big dissapointment! Jin Kazama's fight as a rookie and people choice (more like kid's choice to me) should be more realistic. While other experienced fighter like Eddie Gurero should be longer. Yes, those time, I used Eddie to fight Jin Kazama. And I won!.
For those who plan to watch this movie, If you're die hard fan of Tekken, just think about it. It's just my personal view. You never know till you watch and rate it yourselves.

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wafixx said...

Just need 2 punch from Paul give you K.O. Try me? hahah

k0m4nd3r said...

Paul? well letsee, I'll sent Nina Wiiliams.. Hahahah