Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: Nokia DC-11

I tweet alot on my phone. Sometime I do write my blog from my phone. One of the problem is battery. N97 drains a lot of battery. One full charge battery about 8 hours with constant connection to 3G or WiFi. What do we need? Yes, an extra power. Thats why Nokia come out with extra power DC-11. 

What is Nokia DC-11?
Nokia DC-11 is Mobile Power Pack Recommended for N97. In fact as a charger also as backup battery for our Nokia Phone. Only 94g and slim design it's worth every penny I spent on it.

Who should use Nokia DC-11?
If you have a constantly online and using Nokia phone that used mini USB or standard 2mm cable to charge your phone, then DC-11 is the right tool for you.

Why Nokia DC-11?
One popular question I had when my friend saw this device. why DC-11? Why not a new battery? Simple answer for that. N97 had a big 3.5" screen. A full charge battery will last approximately 8 to 12 hours. Other then programmer, I also worked as system engineer which requires me not to stay at my desk all the time. Sometime while I'm away from my desk, my phone did run out of battery. With DC-11, I can charge my phone on the go. It's near to wirelessly charge my N97. In a way, I can protect my battery. Yes, you're right. It's the same as I have two sets of battery. The difference is, I can charge my other battery while I'm using the battery apart from I have to disassemble the phone, take out the battery, replace with new one and oh no! I forgot! I done have external charger to charge the battery that I have take out from my phone! There you go again Captain Obvious, another dead set of battery.

Where to buy Nokia DC-11?
DC-11 are available at Nokia Retailer.

How to use Nokia DC-11?
Just pull out the cord and simply attach it to your phone charging port. Make sure that DC-11 is full charge or it can only partial charge your phone. It only carry 950mAh. So compare to your battery power. Like N97 BP-4L battery carry 1500mAh. One full charge DC-11 might only last for one cycle charging N97.

When to use Nokia DC-11?
I recommend that you charge your phone NOT less then 20% of full charge to prevent battery damage due to dead cells.

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