Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handwriting Calculator

Due to long 'dry' season, I have to recalculate all my expenses so
that I did not suffer at the end of the month. To help me, I grab a
pen and do the math on paper. Calculation done just based on my
27years experience living life and dealing with math.

Surprisingly, my calculation skills sharp as blunt knife. Just simple
math and I need to recount it twice. One thing came across my mind.
Why don't we have a calculator that instead using button, we write on
it? It's time to OVI it.

Well, what do you expect? I do find a Handwriting Calculator.
Downloaded it and give it a try, tada! The equation is done for about
a blink of an eye. Though it's a betalab application and it's free for
now. Works nice on my N97. It's light and helped me alot. A good must
have application for me.

For those who own Symbian touchscreen device, c'mon give it a try. It helped!


StingRay said...

ish ish ish,,,,

tulisan sapaaaa tuuuu....

keh keh keh

k0m4nd3r said...

Tulisan seorang programmer la encik Stimray.. Hahaa

xara said...

pening apps tu nak kenal pasti tulisan..

k0m4nd3r said...

Hoho, tulisan lawa memang le susah nak baca.. :D