Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mari Belajar Bahasa Korea

Gom = Beruang
Maeg = Tapir
Bossu = Orang Gaji / Kuli
Dae = Boss
GomMaeg Dae = Boss Beruang & Tapir
Dumuk = Ketua Gangster
Bijinesver = Bussinessware (?)
Notes: Hehehe, saja nak bagitau aku baru belajar perkataan-perkataan nih. :)
PS: Lesson Learnt. Note to self, stop looking at others other's dishes. Be thankful. Be very thankful. :)
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rr said...

and learn grammar. others (plural) and dishes (also plural) does not bode well with each other grammatically.

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k0m4nd3r said...

Thanks Boss.. Tak perasan daaa...