Monday, December 6, 2010

English LOL #3: The real 'Goblin Techies'

Those who played DoTA, must have encountered with 'The Goblin
Techies'. I have personally met him in the real life. Instead two Goblins that carry bombs and control remote explosions and setting up traps like these guys below:

Dota Goblin Techies

I met him disguise as my dear boss. LOL!
The Real Goblin Techies in Action.
PS: It was the picture of N8 plugged in to 1440x900 19" Dell Monitor. And USB mouse to browse the contents. Opps, the phone is hidden under his hand.


rr said...

salah tu... tu gambo symbian^3 tablet!

k0m4nd3r said...

Its not a phone. it's computer mobile.. :D