Monday, November 22, 2010

Kacang Identity (Prologue)

Kacang Part 1

It's November. Rain pouring almost every evening. Shaggy the gentle giant Happy with his life now. The engagement really turned him on. Cocoon had no ability as the lost navigator. He tied the knot and there it is. Full stop. Shazzy-One our driver? Lost in his fiction work. Our team pulled out from the reality. I must planned something. Wait for me, wait for K0m4nd3r. I've planned something for all of us. And waiting for the right time only to execute. The plague had conquer us all. There's nobody to save us, but I will.

Weeks passes, Still had nothing in mind. Shaggy personally come to my office one day.
"I wouldnt be long here on earth as normal citizen anymore." He said in grumpy deep voice.

"The association had chose me. I must go. Before that, I want to do something. One last thing with all Normal Kacang as you guys." The giant voice gone deeper and deeper mimicking Batman's voice.

"What should we do then? We're all bound together, If they called you, I don't think they'd torn us apart. in fact, you do gave our name right?" I asked.

What will we do? What does Shaggy plan? To be continued in next episode.

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