Sunday, August 22, 2010

Constant 3.5G connection on N97.

Given this scenario, you've bought N97. A smartphone. HSDPA phone. The manual said that you can browse the internet, use the A-GPS built in, read your email, bla bla bla. Happily you pay and used the phone anytime anywhere you want.
Excited by Internet-on-the-go advert, you then subsribe to one plan. As for me, i've subscribe to well-you-know-the-'unbeatable'. Still when I came home, the connection is somehow dissapointing. If we refer to my previous post, my house is located inside 3.5G coverage, but what do i get? Non-stable-and-lowsy internet connection.
Worry no more friends, mr. G knows somehow what are the problems here. Asked him earlier and here what I've got:
1. For Nokia N97, the antenna was placed at your right hand when in horizontal mode and at bottom when in potrait mode. First tip, Do not completely cover N97 arse.

2. Mixmode connection, interference from other type of connection also the major cause that will drive your phone crazy. The map in my previous post only shows HSDPA connection, but if we enable all filter, we can see that my home are heaven of celcom internet connections. The only problem is, N97 smartphone is not smart enough to decide what connection to use. What should we do then?
i. Tap at top right screen and go to connectivity.
ii. Choose mode (UMTS, GPRS)
iii. Tap at network selection.
iv. Choose manual
v. Pick something other than your service provider in my case i choose maxis.
vi. This time my phone shows an error in connectivity.
vii. Just reboot the phone.
Now i get the connection right. Congrats!

Try it, and let me know if it doesnt work.

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