Friday, October 9, 2009

Words Once Spoken Cannot be Retrieved

As human beings, who interact with each other, it is almost impossible to escape from disagreements. All of us are different in many ways, we have our own way of thinking that makes us see things differently that, at some point in our lives, our thoughts and opinions would clash with somebody else's, which may eventually lead us to argument that we don't seek, and we often try our best to win the argument at all costs.

When I was young, as a youth, it was hard to control my emotion. I used to get myself into argument every time when I was engaged in dialogues that lead to disagreements. I would try my very best to beat my "opponents', especially when it was crystal clear that my thoughts are valid. An argument would usually start as a calm discussion, and when both parties refused to give in, the discussion would turn a bit warmer. Even though, at the beginning, I would not be thinking about getting too serious into the argument, but at one point, it would be too late to say "no" to the bad side of my emotion, which would start to take charge, and the argument would become hotter and hotter. My pride and ego would cheer me up and there would be no turning back...

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Once, somebody tell me, "Words, once spoken, has life of it's own". Be careful of with your tongue, it might hurt more than sword. Not meant to be grumpy, or hold a grudge, but for some of us, it's more to silent treatment, one way for me, to tell them, "For this time being, you're bugging me, please, please go away!". Think it this way, for you, it's small and silly, but not to others. Learn from experience. That's how you learn the art of drawing without an eraser. :D

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