Monday, September 28, 2009

Try this new CVS Client.

JavaCVS Downloaded from Sourceforge:
JDK / JRE is Installed on your machine.

1. Open your terminal and go to directory where you have save the installation file. (In my case: /data/JavaCVSSetup0_4_1.ja
2. type "java -jar JavaCVSSetup0_4_1.jar".
3. Follow the instructions and choose where to save your installation files.
4. These apps will copy 3 files on your installation Dir. If you choose to have a shortcut created for you during installation, wait! don't use it yet.
5. Right click on the shortcut, click on the properties. go to launcher tab.
6. change /media/MYDRIVE/2_devspace/JavaCVS/ to (M not sure if this will happen to all pc, but two pc's that i have tested face this kind of problems.)
7. Apply and close.
8. Double click on the shortcut.
Any questions?

PS: On some Machine that run on Ubuntu, you might need to lower your graphic to enable java GUI.

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