Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogging From Home (I mean it!)

Hahaha... After finished working hours at approximately 2300hrs, rushin back to my hometown @ Seremban. Might encounter heavy traffic at this hour+Raya Season. Decide which way to go, fastest route and gather some information on the net, My Black Arachnia drove me @ 120km/h through 'LEKAS' @ 2330hrs. Arrived home @ 0000hrs. Make some calls and hit the road back off to Senawang. Ampangan Road is cramp with people. What? they think next year no raya meh? go home la labu, org lain pon nk raya jugak. :P

The point is, once your route is smooth and silky, should you found any obstacle, the route is not always smooth. :D what the toot ler...

Anyway wish you all my dear readers:


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wafixx said...

berabuk betui my english teacher.. gud effort! lupe + 1lg tu, beli taya BARU sempena hari raye!